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Inspire Writing Series
Why do we write? Sometimes it's as simple as sharing information. Or conveying instructions, such as how to get from A to B. But often the written word does far more, capturing ideas and emotions to connect us with others through time. Regardless of the reason, we always aim to inspire writing, and spark the act of putting pen to paper. Through our branded series, we invite you to explore what Inspire Writing means to Montblanc through various workshops, hosted by expert calligraphers, artists, and other writing aficionados.
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  • 1690929634-11e1384924d8acb6
    September 27, 2023
    1:00 PM EDT
    Chantelle Hoffmann Handwriting Part 2
    American Cursive, Part 2 - Capitals
    We welcome you to join us for our next class on American Cursive taught by professional penman, C... View more
  • 1692740718-3052d5974106b12d
    October 10, 2023
    2:00 PM EDT
    Mike Ward Lettering Part 2
    Casual Uncial, Part 2 - Alphabet & Spacing
    Moving into Part Two of our Casual Uncial series, taught by Canadian Penman Mike Ward, of MrMGWar... View more
  • 1690930042-61271ba8d8ccd937
    October 25, 2023
    1:00 PM EDT
    Chantelle Hoffmann Handwriting Part 3
    American Cursive, Part 3 - Handwritten Letters
    In part three of our Classic American Cursive Series taught by Chantelle Hoffmann of Bespoke Stro... View more
  • 1692741643-63860c100bfca825
    November 2, 2023
    2:00 PM EDT
    Mike Ward Lettering Part 3
    Casual Uncial, Part 3 - Finishing A Piece
    Our third and final part in this series Canadian Penman Mike Ward,of MrMGWard Calligraphy, will g... View more
About the Presenters
Michael Ward
Penman @MrMGWard
Mike Ward is a professional Penman, located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, who specializes in Ornamental Penmanship and Spencerian Script and is known worldwide for his ornate, balanced designs. Mike has studied under some of the world’s greatest Penmans, including Master Penmen Michael Sull, Harvest Crittenden and Jake Weidmann. In addition to his penmanship practice, he has also pioneered the technique of debossing or foiling calligraphic designs, onto leather items. Mike is a professional artist, dancer and dance instructor. He is passionate about teaching and sharing his love for the process of learning.
Chantelle Hoffmann
Owner @BespokeStrokes
Chantelle Hoffmann of Bespoke Strokes Calligraphy is a professional calligrapher, engraver, and instructor whose work with pointed pen calligraphy has graced celebrity weddings, luxury brand items, and countless home walls. Her journey with pen and ink began as a young teen and has been guided by instruction from several Master Penmen and numerous other skilled artists.
Brittany DeSantis
Owner & Artist @PeakPaperCo
Brittany (Dakins) DeSantis is the Canadian watercolor artist and calligrapher behind PeakPaperCo. She built her dream creative career after making a big cross-country move, falling in love with the mountains and back in love with art. Now, she’s a full time artist, instructor and new mom who’s completely passionate about inspiring creativity. Brittany teaches art workshops worldwide, offers coveted custom commissions like painting beloved pets, performs live art for corporate events and has a collection of prints and beginners classes available in her online shop.
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